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EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE - vision for a better future 

Dialog of Transformation International Trademark ®

Ireland & United Kingdom

We are certified centre Trade Mark Dialog of Transformation  ® 

We specialise in bespoke training for professionals representing social care filed, 

education including life long learning and teachers.

We offer:

  • Events and networking sessions for professionals, businesses and NGOs
  • Framework programmes and research  
  • Management training courses
  • Social Care & Law courses 
  • Human right and EU human rights convention 
  • EU Law courses/ trainings 
  • Working with homeless clients 
  • Working with migrants who's English is not a first language
  • Time Management 
  • Team Building 
  • Coaching Skills
  • Public speaking 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication - Transformation in a communication
  • Resolving family issues including addictions, suicidal thoughts 
  • Domestic abuse including sexual abuse awareness training 
  • International Law
  • New Settled Status Regulations
  • Bid writing 
  • Facilitation Skills 
  • Delegation Skills
  • Customer Service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Recruitment and selection
  • HORECA industry courses

We also work closely with internal and external businesses, committees and organizations focused on expanding entrepreneurship and educational resources, scenarios, ideas across Europe.

Our mission is to integrate communities, put domestic abuse and hate crime at the forefront of efforts to reduce opportunity for crime, fear, isolation and to minimise an impact of any form of violence within communities. 

We also run international projects based on new methods implemented in different European countries around multiculturalism in preserving identity, new media in education, tools and programmes for professionals, youth exchange, workshops and training for professionals in Polish and in English. 

We run events to integrate communities (coffee mornings, trips, workshops, drama in lifelong learning etc, seminars, conferences, presentations) to help people integrate, reduces stress, minimize loneliness and prevent crimes including cyber-bullying and bullying. 

Multicultural environment, education, national identity plays a vital role in our research.

We are a part of international cooperation where we promote active role of Europeans.        

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