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EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE creates bespoke courses for professionals working with young people across the EU and the UK (after BREXIT too). 

We implement many methods that successfully can be adapted to any realities and needs upon your request. 

Dialog of Transformation ® training sessions with Certification

Certified Trainer with Certificate in Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer of Dialog  of Transformation ® 

The Dialog of Transformation methodology developed by EDU SMART consists of 4 methods:

1. Social Solidarity

2. Cultural Reality

3. Intercultural Willingness

4. Multicultural Existence

Why to become Certified Trainer of unique method Dialog of Transformation ® ?

You will become Certified Trainer of Dialog of Transformation ® 

You will get Certificate in Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer of Dialog of Transformation ® 

Information about Dialog of Transformation ® Training and Certification 


Dialog of Transformation ® Training and Certification training course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to become a successful trainer. Train The Trainer Dialog of Transformation ® Training and Certification is created to assist trainers with motivating their students to learn, and teaches trainers a variety of delivery forms that they can adopt to engage these students with course content more effectively.

Entry requirements:

- If you are a social worker, therapist, coach, family support worker, teacher, pedagogist, youth worker, parent or you simply would like become certified trainer you are in the right place. 

- BA degree, MA degree, Ph.D in the field of social science - scan of the document confirming your degree

- Self - presentation - plan for development -  ppt presentation

All the method are our authorial and original methods of working with young people and adults ®

Training covers:

  • Competency and Code of Ethics Training
  • Fundamentals of training
  • Learning the foundation process
  • Exercise evaluation
  • Key concepts in practical training
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation delivery
  • Adult and youth learning theory
  • Instructional design basics
  • Altering facilitation skills
  • Programme design preparation and planning
  • Creating a relaxing and interactive training environment
  • Understanding others
  • Best way of providing knowledge
  • Learning process
  • Planning into action
  • Center management tasks and implementation guidelines
  • Career guidance overview: practitioner choices
  • Strategic planning for career center programme
  • Programme implementation and evaluation models
  • External affairs and activities (site interviews, travels, etc)
  • Purpose and assessment
  • Development and construction
  • Presentation and facilitation
  • Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Arranging training assembly
  • Elevation advice & Community dealing information