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The assumptions of the project were developed as a response to the problems faced by employees working for the  social sector in the institutions run by the  Eldership in Oświęcim. There are no uniform documents in Poland, which are required by the Act of 9 June 2011 to support the family and the foster care system. Each employee is individually responsible for developing them. The selection of transnational partners aims to jointly develop document standards based on British and Irish experience, which are very broad in this respect.


The whole assumptions of the project developed jointly by 3 partners (Powiatowe Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie iw Oświęcimiu, Uk Butterflies and Edu Smart Training Centre Limited) and each of them plays an important role in the partnership. The project assumptions were planned together and the process of preparing both the action plan and diagnosing the needs and detailed analysis of the problematic situation was conducted in close cooperation.


The main goal of the project is to adapt the method of working with families which are at risk of social exclusion. FAMILY STAR, which is used by employees of the social care sector in England and Ireland. This method is completely unknown in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The project assumes enabling its implementation and development of a universal set of tools along with a manual for their use. The main assumption of the project is the emphasis on raising the professional competences of people working in the social care sector. This will help them to support families having difficulties in properly fulfilling the care and educational function.


As part of the project, the following results of intellectual work will be established:

1. Standard of professional competence for social workers, family assistants and family coordinators

2. Tools for performing professional tasks by social workers - FAMILY STAR program

3. Guide and instructions for social workers on how to work with the family using the FAMILY STAR tools


20 people will be invited to the testing phase of the results of intellectual work. They will take part in three educational workshops organised in Bradford.


The last scheduled phase of the project implementation will be dissemination activities, within which the following are planned:

- Seminar disseminating the results of intellectual work in Bradford.

- Seminar disseminating the results of intellectual work in Wicklow.

- Conference disseminating the results of intellectual work in Oświęcim.


Please test and review our developed materials and content including regulations for further development of your professional skills. At the end of the testing phase we would like to kindly ask you to comment on those materials.


Samples of documents used in Ireland in Social Care Field 

Samples of documents used in Ireland in Social Care Field 

Please send us your thoughts about the content developed 

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