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Why do we network ? 

We network, as the networking is used by professionals to widen their circles of acquaintances, find out about job opportunities, and to increase their awareness of news and trends in their fields, to present own business, organisation to be known within the market. 

  • We network to develop relationships with people and companies they may do business with in the future

  • We network, as for professionals, entrepreneurs, community leaders, employers this is the best opportunity to meet new people and expand the work we do as opportunities may occur at trade shows, seminars, and conferences, which are designed to attract a large crowd of like-minded

  • We network as developed connections help us to establish rapport and trust among people in our own communities not only in Ireland, UK or Poland but across the EU. 

Successful business networking involves regularly following up with contacts to exchange valuable information that may not be readily available outside the network.

Check our website for details for further opportunities.