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“The reasons why a young person may self-harm are multiple and complex, but it’s vital that when they reach out to someone about it, they are met with the best possible help and advice.

“We know that teachers do a great job of supporting young people in many instances, but it can also be hard to know what to say, when to take action or how to support someone.

“That’s why we’ve created a range of resources for teachers, to help them feel more confident in supporting a young person who may seek their help. And we also need to make sure that schools have the skills and support they need to ensure that they can make wellbeing and mental health a priority.”

Our trainings include: 

  • A video about self-harm
  • Advice for having a conversation about self-harm 
  • Information from young people who have experience of self-harm
  • A guide for how to help a young person self-harming

We also offer training courses for teachers on self-harm.We offer advice and support to teachers, social workers, social care workers, youth workers about wellbeing and mental health.